Winter Dreaming ………

Winter Dreaming ………
January 16, 2017 Ellie Hopper

Its been a while since our last post and it got me thinking – what makes us happy? For me, family and friends sits high up the list, socialising with those close to us is great for the soul. Following this, getting out and seeing somewhere new really ignites a fire deep down within, and whilst I cant get away at the moment it got me thinking of our January trip not long ago……

As the dawn of a new year rolls in I continually find myself day dreaming of a trip to sunnier climes. The ever present winter frost, the sun setting before I get home, the hats, gloves and scarves; all of which lead to my imagination floating back a few winters. White sandy beaches, the waves crashing upon the shore and a sunset you could watch for ever – Barbados!!! We had a week off from Rugby, I was turning 30 even Bodie was getting itchy feet to get away again : Costa Rica in the summer had given this kid the travelling bug an he was destined to spent a life in board shorts.

We played on the Saturday and flew first thing Sunday morning; the body was in bits but the flight wasn’t too long, about 8 hours. However flying through the day with a young boy who recently started walking was going to be a challenge. As we have said before, we have never believed having young children should stop you getting out and seeing the world: so after numerous trips up and down the isle of the plane we finally arrived. Now anyone who has been to the Caribbean in January will tell you one thing – its is hot! Stepping off that plane from minus degrees in the UK and out into the warm Caribbean air is something to be cherished, a gentle slap in the face from the weather Gods.

We had a 8 days of long beach walks, surfs in the warm crystal blue waters and more food than you could ever imagine consuming. Each day started the same, usually around 5:30am with Bodie demanding we go and get breakfast; trying to explain to a toddler that breakfast (as well as everything else) isn’t open yet is never an easy task. But when it did open, we were always the first family there. The food was incredible – bacon, eggs, pancakes, fresh fruit, basically anything you could want. One thing I will miss when I retire from sport is having my breakfast / brunch made for me; one of life’s little pleasures. And the VIEWS!! Drinking fresh coffee with your dearest whilst watching the sunrise over the clear turquoise Caribbean sea is something else.

We spent the week on our own beach, meeting the locals, sunbathing, swimming, surfing, all the things you dream of sitting back home in the cold. The week culminated in my birthday and the wife made sure it was one to remember. I surfed all morning at Drill Hall Beach just off the South West tip of the island in the playful waves. When I came into the beach Bodie and his mum were awaiting with the biggest chocolate cake the hotel could make – we spent the next two days offering it to anyone who would take it, due to its sheer volume.

Anyway, back to the UK and normality / reality with a bang and not only is it cold, its begun snowing outside! Although no holiday on the near horizon we are off to Morocco in the next couple of weeks on a buying trip and look forward to updating the website with some of the new products we are sure to find.

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