Travelling with little folk

Travelling with little folk
November 10, 2016 Ellie Hopper

Travelling With Little Folk

For some this sounds like the ultimate nightmare, but for us at BATN its something we had to endure in order to continue trotting around the globe. Getting out and seeing the world has always been something close to both of our hearts, so giving it up because we now had children wasn’t an option. We don’t do things by halves, so the first holiday we took Bodie on was a three week surf trip to Costa Rica!! I cant lie, we did have a little help, my brother and his now wife – however, we flew out a few days earlier than them, so initially had that flight to deal with. We’d heard from other mums how they have used anti-histamines to chill out the kids but we decided against it and went in cold. Fortunately, a young girl Bodie had met at the airport was sat directly behind us and this kept him entertained – if for all of ten minutes. We managed to pre-request the bulk head seats so had a bit of extra room, we filled it with toys, books and anything we could think of to fill the time. The first flight to the states went well but from there it was 3 hours of walking up and down the aisle to stop the little man from losing it.


Anyway, we got there safe and sound, which for the man who doesn’t fly well is the only important thing. A five hour drive to the coast was to follow; Bodie couldn’t get enough of the exciting new scenery, the music we had blasting from the car stereo and a packet of chocolate Oreos – Easy! Then it really was three weeks of bliss. We spent our days surfing the mornings at the breaks around Tamarindo and the afternoons chilling / meeting people around the pool. Bodie’s infectious personality always ensured a crowd of people (mainly girls) so the days were never quiet.

Bodie’s 1st wave (and other ridiculousness. Click here)

Home life seemed a million miles away, no TV was being watched, the nights were filled with beers, books, music and cards. It certainly makes you wonder whether we should up sticks and move to sunnier climates ….

Since that first trip we have been fortunate to continue on and visited the Caribbean, Spain, Bali and of course our beloved Cornwall: all with the children. Bali was our first with two children and next year if we return, there will be another one of us! Five can you believe it?img_4410img_4545

The things we have learnt about travelling with children would be as easy as this – Don’t worry about it, in any sense. “What about the food in Bali?” They loved it. “What about the powerful sun?” Again they loved it – who doesn’t love running around naked all day? It even cleared up my daughters ever lasting cold. Naturally we all want the best for our children and for them to be safe, so our parental instincts will kick and we all do the right thing to ensure their safety, in any situation.

Book a night flight if you can and carry loads of food for the kiddies. The people we have met truly have made each trip; Barbadians especially, some of the kindest, most family orientated people I have had the fortune to meet. Yes the flights had its ups and downs (literally on that Caribbean flight) but we made it, we’re still here and always ready for the next trip. Get out there and enjoy the road less travelled!!



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