Nursery Styling

Nursery Styling
September 20, 2018 Ellie Hopper

Having come from a small 2 bed house in Surrey to a large 5 bed house in France with some interesting 80’s decor, transforming a dark cold room into Ozzy’s bedroom was going to be a bit of work.  It had to be something that he could grow with and something that could be easily moved, as and when we go on our next journey.


Renting a house can be quite hard to make it feel like your own.  So not every detail is exactly as I would have it but I am happy with the results from how it previously looked and Ozzy seems to love spending time in it.

The room was a dark blue, so it was given a lick of white paint.  The main design piece for the room was the Rafa Large shelf,  which added some storage for toys, clothes and art work, such as the Unclebearskins book ‘hidden kingdom’: Sarah Bendrix wooden magnetic animals and some wooden stacking blocks.  I also included some of the stunning work from Tamar Mogendorff including, the star and moon cushions and the gorgeous polar bear that she sent for Ozzy when he was born.


The metal cage added wardrobe space; a chair in the corner with a wooden plinth added a nook for feeding and reading.  The mobile that hangs above the bed all 3 children have had, its so simple and elegant.  Bedding from our collection adds cosiness and warmth and a handpick Beni Ourain rug adds some texture to the floor.

Final touches included a Nofred chair, Big Stuffed Octopus,  Sukha Cara Flags, Berber Cushions and a cloud light by Zoe Rumeau.




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