Boy’s Bedroom Styling

Boy’s Bedroom Styling
September 27, 2018 Ellie Hopper

Bodie’s bedroom started of as a dark shade of pink when we moved into our rental house in France, definitely not to his taste!  So we painted it white (we are limited to what colours and paint we can use).  The bedroom has a lovely light feeling to it with exposed beams in the ceiling, creating a feeling of space.  Bodie needed a new bed so I chose one from Laurette, in a dark grey and added our linen bedding from our range online.  I love to mix and match this depending on the seasons adding texture through velvet cushions and knitted throws.


Bodie loves to read, so some ikea picture shelves display his favourite books, including the Unclebearskin collection.  One of our round baskets, adds extra storage for books and the paper bags for toys.


As a wardrobe when he was first born I purchased from the makers Bowles and Bowles a metal storage unit, 5 years i still love it and it is extremely robust and durable.  Its perfect for hanging hats or treasured items from.


On the other side of the room, I added some simple cupboards for underwear sock and a few toys.  The lego box underneath the cupboard houses all Bodies lego.  Bodie is such an active boy so the gymnastic rings have added a fun element to his room, they have been a huge success with the other bambinos.

A beni ourain adds warmth and texture to the floor which I handpicked in Marrakesh.  Art work in the room comes from Unclebearskin productions, Jonas draws and a surfing print.  A tepee in the corner of the room adds a little nook for reading and playing, in the winter fairly lights are added to make it extra cosy!



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